Octavian is a realtime software synthesizer for the GNU\Linux operating system. Its design is like analog modular synthesizers, so it can be used both as a synth and as an effect processor. Modular tasks separation allows to extend features in a simple way. Modules can be connected between each other via channels. Octavian provides two types of channels: audio and control (MIDI), so they can be freely converted to each other (e.g. MIDI can be converted to "voltage" in order to control modules that support voltage-controlling and vice versa).

If you want more please visit Octavian's page at sourceforge.


14 January 2005 - Finally the 0.1.0 version is out. This is a polished and final release which includes more features comparing to the previous pre-beta. Now the work is going on towards the next version for which the code will be significantly rewritten.
01 December 04 - Seems the project is back to life! I'm eventually going to add all the scheduled features to it.
06 March 03 - Development release is now available.
13 Feb 03 - The site is born! It's content is so virgin as it's age now ;)

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